class legislice.citations.CodeLevel(value)

Identifier for the type of legislative code.

class legislice.citations.Citation(**data)

A citation style for referring to an Enactment in written text.

Intended for use with Citation Style Language (CSL).

static csl_date_format(revision_date)

Convert event date to Citation Style Language format.

Return type

Dict[str, List[List[Union[str, int]]]]


Return citation as a Citation Style Language object.

Return type

Dict[str, Union[str, int, List[List[Union[str, int]]]]]


Return citation as Citation Style Language JSON.

Return type


classmethod validate_code(obj)

Standardize the code name for the styled citation.

classmethod validate_section(value)

Make sure the “section” part of the styled citation starts with the right abbreviation.

classmethod validate_volume(value)

Make sure the “title” identifier for the styled citation doesn’t start with “t”.

legislice.citations.identify_code(jurisdiction, code)

Find code name and type based on USLM citation parts.

Return type

Tuple[str, CodeLevel]